Orleans Parish
School Board
District 6



The question is “What can we do to ensure transparency in our current non-traditional system?”

 I will introduce and advocate for board policies that will improve transparency by leveraging existing board powers found in the contracting process between our schools and our community.  When a charter school contracts with us, we will introduce new measures within those contracts in order for us to better see what is going on within the schools where we send our children.  

Bulletin 126 may be the most important bulletin for our community because it outlines the state’s guidance on charters.   Many are not aware but it clearly states that our school board is to provide the criteria for charter school consideration.  I am the candidate that will introduce policies for a vote that directly addresses the criteria for which we are considering charter schools in our community.   Therefore, our board can, through policy, set financial disclosure criteria or teacher turnover or attendance records criteria etc... that must be met for consideration of charter contracts.  This is a free-market approach:  if a school wishes to contract with our board and refuses to agree to provide these types of data, then that school will have to compete with prospective charters that agree to provide all the information that we request.  Although this is not the ideal (I am a proponent of traditional school system frameworks b/c they answer directly to the public) it can be a viable way for our board to function similar to traditional school system boards.

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