Orleans Parish
School Board
District 6

Increasing Resources for our Children

Increasing Resources for our Children

Now more than ever our citizenry is focusing on how we budget our money and where our priorities should lie. Our school system has become more expensive over the past 15 years. If we are to meet the needs of our students, parents and educators in our current structure we will need more resources. The reality of distance learning and its associated costs, budget shortfalls due to recession and other consequences of the pandemic must be met by a proactive board.

As a board member, I will advocate to the city and state officials to make all of our large non-profits pay their fair share of taxes and dedicate those funds to our school system. As we adapt to post-pandemic realities our community has every right to collect taxes from previously exempted entities.

As a board member, I will also advocate to city and state officials to capitalize on the social movements in our country and demand decreased funding of our law enforcement apparatus coupled with increased funding to our families and children. This, for example, may mean free internet access to all New Orleans students as a component of a multi-sector strategy for assisting our children and their families in our post-pandemic community.

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