Orleans Parish
School Board
District 6

Prioritizing our Teachers

Prioritizing our Teachers

Brotherhood/Sisterhood is not determined by blood, it’s determined by behavior.

I strive to live by this message.  I will strive to introduce school board policies that satisfy this message.  One could even replace “behavior” with policy and see the type of school board member I will be. Policies that are in conflict with true brotherhood/sisterhood will be in jeopardy while I am a board member.

If 30% of our teachers are resigning in any given year then we do not have a policy framework that successfully establishes a positive environment for our children nor our neighbors who are teaching them…  

Our teachers are our neighbors and they are the engines of our schools.  I will introduce and advocate for school board policies that establish charter criteria that prioritize teacher retention and voice in decision making. For example, Bulletin 126 says charter boards only have to have one parent on them – I will introduce a policy to mandate a teacher as well. 

Another example: If a school wishes to have a 10 year contract with the district then the district should, as a condition, require that a percentage of the school's teachers have 10 year contracts as well. If the school wants the community to commit for 10 years then it is reasonable for the community to expect the school to commit to the citizens who are teaching the students.

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