Orleans Parish
School Board
District 6

Exercising Our Power

Exercising Our Power

In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty

For too long we have been passive in our governance of our schools (on top of being preempted by Act 91 - see section G-1).  It is time for our board to push the envelope and corral our independent contractors (our schools) in order to corral our costs and establish new priorities.

I am inspired by our Mayor Cantrell’s exercise of such power when she told our state government that our city would stay at phase 1 despite the state moving to phase 2.  She cited the safety of our citizenry as her rationale to not follow the state’s recommendation.

I will advocate for school board policies that follow the spirit and foundation of our mayor’s call to stay in phase 1. This may mean that I, like our mayor, will advocate for our school system to ignore what the state government is recommending when it comes to the care of our children and their schooling.

For example:  Bulletin 126 says at minimum Charter boards must have 60% resident rate – I will introduce policy that makes that 100%.  You wouldn’t vote for me if I didn’t live in New Orleans so why would you have non-New Orleanians on the charter boards?

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