Orleans Parish
School Board
District 6

Why My Experience Matters

Why My Experience Matters

Over the past fifteen years, our state has been bold in making incredible changes in how New Orleans governs its schools and where the tax revenue dedicated for those schools is spent.  I am running because it is abundantly clear that there is a need for our school board, under the state’s restrictive preemptions, to be more proactive and bold in dealing directly with our schools.  I am running so that I may represent my neighbors in advocating and implementing policies that grab the reins of the contractual relationship between our schools and our school board.   I am an experienced coalition builder.  I work  with all sectors of the community to build coalitions focused on addressing the educational and behavioral health of our children.  I convene formal work groups with community leaders such as police chiefs, pastors, elected officials, superintendents, etc. and lead them in strategic planning to prepare them to implement evidence-based strategies for community change.   I have done this for 15 years and have learned many lessons but perhaps the most important lesson I have learned is this: POLICY is the most effective and immediate way to impact a community.   It is this reality that brings me to you.  I want our school board to establish a more just and responsive policy framework and I want to participate in that process. I want to work within the school board to implement policies that directly address inefficiencies in our system.  I am the candidate that will hit the ground running with a set of policy proposals for the board to deliberate.  I want to implement policies that capitalize on the governing power of our school board during contract negotiations - these policies will guide the superintendent in how we grade our schools, how we contract with our schools and how improve transparency and accountability. I am running because it is time for our school board to do the leading and I have the experience, character and vocation to represent my neighbors and lead for our children.

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