Orleans Parish
School Board
District 6



Despite being told that charters are innovative, I struggle to see their innovation result in any real tangible outcomes in our community .  We still live in one of the most unequal cities in America.  We still live in a city that has the lowest public school utilization rates in the country.  Our schools are not producing adult citizens who vote more frequently nor are more civically minded.  These are the types of metrics that we should be using to judge our school system.

As a school board member, I will introduce policy and advocate for charter criteria that awards innovation.  For example: A charter group that proposes a school that capitalizes on the Corporate Partnership clause of Bulletin 126 and dedicates a percentage of its enrollment to DBE business employees would be innovative in my view and should be considered during charter contracting.  Imagine if local and national DBE businesses moved headquarters to New Orleans to take advantage of this innovation.

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