Orleans Parish
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COVID-19 & Educational Priorities

COVID-19 & Educational Priorities

Reinventing the Success Metrics

Our system of education has consistently advocated and prioritized measures of success, including high-stakes testing and seat-time requirements, that do not account for the impact of ecological factors on student outcomes at the local level. 

The state legislature’s COVID-19 education response to immediately suspend high stakes testing and seat time requirements calls into question the validity of the arguments that proponents have used for decades to advocate for the systematic use of high stakes testing and seat time requirements as metrics of success. Suspension of success metrics, high stakes testing and seat time requirements, have not been of consequence to students, families or school-districts. 

The ethos of the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be shifting our beliefs and assumptions as a community. This is a good thing. We understand that we have the right to demand a set of humane and valid institutional policies that prioritize students, families, teachers and our citizenry.  Our school board must capitalize on the current climate and prioritize new metrics to measure how our schools are doing.

I will introduce and advocate for policies that prioritize the development of our own school grading system geared to the individual characteristics of New Orleans’ student-population and the realities of our community. It is not in our best interest to rely solely on the state's metrics nor do those metrics assist our community in becoming healthier over time.

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