Orleans Parish
School Board
District 6

Climate and our Schools

Climate and our Schools

New Orleans and its citizens have perhaps been impacted the most severely by Climate compared to any other community in the United States.  We may not think of it but our entire citizenry was forced by Climate to migrate all over the country with close to 100,000 of our pre Katrina citizens never returning from Katrina’s forced migration.  One would think that New Orleanians would all demand from all of its governing entities that all decisions be made through the lens of sustainability and Climate.

Due to our realities in New Orleans, I believe it is imperative that our school board integrate Climate science and sustainable practices into policy decisions.  Schools should have solar-panels, battery storage, and be energy efficient.  School curricula should include information on the effects of high pollution areas in our city and the how those effects are felt by our neighbors.   School curricula should strive to help students understand what is happening to the earth and our school board should strive to incentivize our charter groups to incorporate those curricula. Children deserve to know these things so that they may grow into adults who can fix our climate-related problems.

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