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Finding our way back to neighborhood schools

Finding our way back to neighborhood schools

The 20th Century was the age of competition; The 21st Century is the age of Collaboration

If we are going to follow a business model for our ed system we must predicate it on collaboration instead of competition (see Mondragon and other co-op business models).

Our current education system wants us all to be smart in the same way.  The reality is we all are smart in one way or another and, as a group, we are so smart we can rocket to the moon, fly safely around the world, etc.....We is smarter than me.

Our current system doesn't encourage the We (our schools working collaboratively as a group).  It does the opposite and has them compete with each other with a primary focus of one type of smartness: test taking.  This is inherently bad for our community.  None of our schools are A’s until all of our schools are A’s.  As a school board member, I will introduce and advocate for policies that prioritize community-collaboration in charter school contracting.  I want to see charter schools enter into formal agreements with community-based agencies to foster real and equitable growth of our children.  The current environment during this pandemic practically mandates this type of collaboration as the students may very well not be in their buildings multiple days per week.  It takes a village and I want to see that village in our contacts with our schools.  When I apply for federal grants I often times have to secure commitments from community agencies in order to compete for federal funds.  Why aren’t we doing the same?

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