Orleans Parish
School Board
District 6

A Better Way to Govern


Our schools are less efficient today than they were before our district became an all charter district, which is confirm

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Increasing Resources for our Children

Now more than ever our citizenry is focusing on how we budget our money and where our priorities should lie. Our school

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COVID-19 & Educational Priorities

Reinventing the Success Metrics Our system of education has consistently advocated and prioritized measures of success,

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Finding our way back to neighborhood schools

The 20th Century was the age of competition; The 21st Century is the age of Collaboration If we are going to follow a bu

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Prioritizing our Teachers

Brotherhood/Sisterhood is not determined by blood, it’s determined by behavior. I strive to live by this message.  I wil

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Exercising Our Power

In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty.  For too long we have been passive in our governance of our schools (on

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The question is “What can we do to ensure transparency in our current non-traditional system?”  I will introduce and adv

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Despite being told that charters are innovative, I struggle to see their innovation result in any real tangible outcomes

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During this COVID-19 pandemic, we will need school board members that will push policies that secure and ensure our stud

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People love our city because of its culture and our schools must nurture our culture not eradicate it.  Culture is the c

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Climate and our Schools

New Orleans and its citizens have perhaps been impacted the most severely by Climate compared to any other community in

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Why My Experience Matters

Over the past fifteen years, our state has been bold in making incredible changes in how New Orleans governs its schools

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